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Faber ends partnership with FSG; Atticus Lish wins Plimpton Prize

Atticus Lish

Faber has announced that it is ending its partnership with Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. Mitzi Angel, Faber’s publisher since 2008, will remain with FSG, as will many Faber titles, such as Ben Lerner’s 10:04 and David Bellos's A Fish in Your Ear.

Atticus Lish—whose debut novel, Preparation for the Next Life, was released last year by Tyrant books—has won the Paris Review’s Plimpton Prize.

The New York Times is in search of a finance editor for its T Brand Studio. According to the job listing, “T Brand Studio is a fast-growing team of energetic writers, content strategists, videographers, designers and developers creating branded content across all of The New York Times’ advertiser verticals…. The Finance Editor will work in concert with a team of other editors/writers, and will lead editorial production for multiple branded content projects.”

The Washington Post has an in-depth look at how one of Harper Lee’s unfinished manuscripts became a To Kill A Mockingbird sequel. “By all the known facts, it’s an uneven first draft of the famous novel that was never considered for publication,” Neely Tucker reports, noting that friends of Lee have raised concerns about the decision to publish the long-lost book because Lee’s memory is now in decline.

In a recent interview, Jonathan Franzen takes on Jennifer Weiner: “She is asking for a respect that not just male reviewers, but female reviewers, don’t think her work merits. To me it seems she’s freeloading on the legitimate problem of gender bias in the canon."

Mary Norris details her tenure as the “comma queen” of the New Yorker’s copy desk, explaining how great writers could be the most occupationally hazardous: “It was hard to stay alert for opportunities to meddle in an immaculate manuscript, yet if you missed something you couldn’t use that as an excuse.”