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Faber & Faber to publish anthology of Lyra McKee's work; Laura van den Berg on falling in love with short stories

Laura van den Berg

Faber & Faber is publishing an anthology of late journalist Lyra McKee’s work. McKee has already signed a contract with the publisher when she was murdered by New IRA gunmen last April. Lyra McKee: Lost, Found, Remembered will be published in April 2020.

Journalist Rainesford Stauffer has sold a book to Harper Perennial. An Ordinary Age will be “a narrative investigation into the challenges of emerging adulthood in contemporary America.”

At Entertainment Weekly, Laura van den Berg reveals the cover of her upcoming short story collection and reflects on the importance of the form. “Falling in love with the short story all those years ago did not fix my life, but it did help me find a way through,” she writes. “A single short story made me into a reader and once I was a reader I could become a writer. To this day, I can’t imagine an artistic trajectory for myself without the short story in it.”

Akin author Emma Donoghue talks to Literary Hub about her lack of writer’s block, Hamilton, and her love of talking about writing as a craft. “My partner once warned me that I’m like a magician who explains her tricks,” she said. “I probably shouldn’t let readers in on the mysterious process of writing as much as I’d like to, in case it makes it seem more like carpentry than architecture.”

At The Cut, Natalie Beach reflects on the years she spent as Instagram star Caroline Calloway’s ghostwriter and the pair’s falling out. “Watching the likes accumulate, I began to believe that what we were making mattered to my career (for the first time I was being paid to write) and to our readers around the world. It was 2013, and the internet felt like the future of writing, at least for girls,” she writes. “I had built my whole career around my commitment to her persona — crafting it, caring for it, and trying my hardest to copy it, spinning out onto the streets of a strange European city as if the world existed to take care of me.”