paper trail

Feb 24, 2010 @ 6:01:00 am

Magnificent obsession: Flickr user John Bertram has collected more than one hundred Lolita covers.

Generation Geek: At a time when comic book culture has never been more mainstream—or more lucrative—where’s the line between wannabe and true believer?

The online journal Significant Objects collects junk, writes stories about it, then sells it on eBay—transformed into literary junk. Hear Objects co-founder Joshua Glenn explain. The latest post is by Padgett Powell on a Mickey Mouse patch. He's hoping to ignite a bidding war with a tale featuring the patch and a young Edgar Winter. Our Favorite? Sheila Heti's story about the Cape Cod Shoe.

Among the blurbs on David Shields's new book Reality Hunger is one by Patricia Hampl: "I've just finished (for the first of what I know will not be the only time) Reality Hunger." A glance through the endnotes reveals that Hampl is quoted in Hungry three times. So, in short, she's eager to reread a book that references her—but that's OK, we're all a little hungry for attention. Jonathan Raban, Ben Marcus, Philip Lopate, and Geoff Dyer all submitted rave quotes, and all are cited in the text.