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Garth Greenwell on his new novel; The New York Times to offer editing training to staff

Garth Greenwell. Photo: Bill Adams

The New York Times will be offering its staff editing training in 2020. The paper celebrated with an oversized custom cake bearing the words “The Year Of Editing,” and tote bags that declare “I edit the New York Times.”

The editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Glenda Bailey, is stepping down after nearly nineteen years of leading the magazine.

At the Paris Review, an interview with Garth Greenwell about his new novel, Cleanness: “When a situation is so vertiginous, so ethically complex, so emotionally fraught, that I feel like I’m staring into an abyss—that’s when I feel moved to make art, when I feel I need the peculiar tools of fiction to figure out what I think. I mean, to inhabit my bewilderment.”

At Literary Hub, Emily Temple lists 2020’s literary film and television adaptations. The year will bring prestige versions of Jane Austen’s Emma, Phillip Roth’s The Plot Against America, Patricia Highsmith’s Deep Water, and more. But the most intriguing is an updated High Fidelity, based on Nick Hornby’s novel about an exacting, exasperating record-store clerk, with Zoë Kravitz in the lead role.

At the Millions, Jenny Offill discusses her new novel about climate change, noting the difficult work of finding language to match the crisis: “Do I like to say interconnectedness? No. Do I like to say web of life? Mm, no. If you’re not particularly drawn to earnestness, how do you make yourself be a more engaged person?”