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Graywolf Press turns forty-five

Layli Long Soldier

Tonight at the National Arts Club in New York, Graywolf Press will celebrate its forty-fifth anniversary with a poetry reading by, among others, Catherine Barnett (Human Hours), Ilya Kaminsky (Deaf Republic), Layli Long Soldier (WHEREAS), Vijay Seshadri (3 Sections), and Monica Youn (Blackacre).

Jacob Silverman, the author of Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection, has written about trying to get by as a journalist in the gig economy. “Journalism’s dependence on part-time freelancers has been bad for the industry—not to mention writers like me.”

Bob Morris has composed an oral history of the Village Voice, with quotes from authors Hilton Als, Michael Tomasky, Robert Christgau, and others. Says former fashion editor Lynn Yaeger: “We didn’t have any fashion advertising, so I could be just as mean and reckless and ruthless as I wanted to be. I remember one time Harold Koda, the curator of the Met Costume Institute, called me up and said, ‘I have to meet you because I cannot believe the nerve that you have to write these things about my exhibitions.’ He had done an Armani show at the Guggenheim and I said it looked like the sales rack at Loehmann’s.”

Amazon’s Montlake imprint has paid seven figures for bestselling romance novelist Sylvia Day’s new novel, Butterfly in Frost, which will be released in August.

The New York Times interviews Casey Cep about Furious Hours, which draws on research done by Harper Lee for a never-completed true-crime book. “It was clear [Lee] had a mind for the investigation. She had all the pieces. She should be able to write it, and then we have to sit with the question of, what happened?”