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Hillary Clinton fact-checks; no more Reddit trolls

Anton Chekhov

Buyers of Peter Schweizer’s much discussedClinton Cash on Kindle have been alerted to a new version of the book, now available with several “significant revisions” to correct factual errors.

Online life becomes a little less of a free-for-all—after its influx of investor cash last year, Reddit had already tightened up its rules on nude photos, and now it introduces an explicit anti-harrassment policy, allowing users to report other Redditors and the things they post to staff who can have them removed. The announcement has been seen as interim CEO Ellen Pao’s move to make the site less cozy for Gamergaters and revenge-porn aficionados.

Meanwhile, zombie-like, the discussion about trigger warnings in literature returns; Ovid and his Metamorphosesprovide the excuse this time. (Roxane Gay may be worth re-reading here.)

It’s just about not too late to catch this year’s \#twitterfiction Festival, which ends today.

A different side of Chekhov, “always a writer, like Kafka,” Jonathan Sturgeon writes at Flavorwire, “whose stealthy humor evades his own fans”: The Prank, a book of his early parodies, sketches, and short stories, is coming out from NYRB. The selection (and the title) is Chekhov’s own; in 1882 he tried to publish this book, with illustrations by his artist brother Nikolay, but couldn’t get it past the censor.

And tonight at Albertine, a conversation about the late author Hervé Guibert and his fittingly named journals, The Mausoleum of Lovers, with his translator, Nathanaël, and Wayne Koestenbaum.