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Jann Wenner is mad about new biography; Luc Sante on John Ashbery

Joe Hagan

Showtime has announced that it will run a TV series based on The President Is Missing, the forthcoming thriller co-authored by Bill Clinton and James Patterson.

maybe half-heard from outside through the curtains. That voice could occasionally sound explicitly poetic or expressionistically fractured, but more often—and more consistently as time went by—it sounded conversational, demotic, mild, even-toned, deep-dish American.”

“I’m so bored with arguments against memoir,” says Wild author Cheryl Strayed. “They’re almost always simple-minded and ignorant. . . . Yes, there are memoirs that are narcissistic and awful! Just like there are novels that are narcissistic and awful and there are poems that are narcissistic and awful and there are plays that are narcissistic and awful. Narcissism and awfulness has absolutely nothing to do with the genre itself.”