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Jason Reynolds to host the National Book Awards; Indigenous journalists respond to CNN’s imprecise language

Jason Reynolds. Photo: James J. Reddington

CNN’s election night coverage used a graphic that referred to voters who are not Latino, Black, Asian, or white as “something else.” The Native American Journalists Association has responded that the network’s language “continues the efforts to erase Indigenous and other voters” and note that “being Native American is a political classification—not merely a racial background.” NAJA is demanding a public apology from CNN and proposes a meeting with senior editorial staff “to discuss how to improve the network’s coverage of Indian Country.”

The New York Times’s Miami bureau chief, Patricia Mazzei, presents a Twitter thread on the paper’s coverage of the vote in Florida. In about a dozen articles, the Times has tracked the Latino vote; noted an uptick in support for Trump by recent Cuban immigrants; reported on misinformation campaigns targeting Latino voters, and, back in January 2019, talked to pollsters who stressed the need for Democrats to win over Hispanic voters.

The National Book Foundation has announced the host of its seventy-first award ceremony: Jason Reynolds, National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature and two-time finalist for the National Book Award. The ceremony will be held on November 18.

The New Republic’s Melissa Gira Grant discusses the contradictory narratives being told about the wins and losses of the general election so far: “None of these stories are the full story—or maybe just not the only story. There was no resounding defeat of Trumpism, but white supremacy didn’t make a clean sweep, either. Anyone who has done the slow, incremental work of organizing can recognize what happened here: You lose, you win, you lose by a mile. The kind of fight we are in is won day by day, not with one decisive gesture.”

Edmund Lee reports that the New York Times has for the first time earned more revenue from digital subscriptions than print. While digital readership is up, the paper’s advertising earnings have fallen both in print and online.

Tonight at 7:30, the Center for Fiction is hosting a free online performance of James Baldwin’s essay, “The White Problem.” Theater artist Reggie D. White will dramatize the essay with stage direction by Raelle Myrick-Hodges. The event will be hosted by Erroll McDonald.