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Jazmine Hughes and Jamie Lauren Keiles on resigning from the New York Times Magazine; 2000+ writers boycott the Poetry Foundation

Jazmine Hughes and Jamie Lauren Keiles on Democracy Now!, November 14, 2023

Former New York Times Magazine staff writer Jazmine Hughes and contributing writer Jamie Lauren Keiles speak with Democracy Now! in their first broadcast interview since resigning from the publication after signing an open letter published by Writers Against the War on Gaza

n+1 has published a collection of voice memos from Gazans, transcribed and translated by a group of volunteers in New York City and Chicago. “I’m six wars old,” said Sahar Kalloub on October 22. On October 13, 10-year-old Salma Alghalayini said: “It’s so hard, but it’s not new. It’s actually very old. From year to year, we have always lived a hard life.”

More than 2000 writers have pledged to boycott the Poetry Foundation following the organization’s decision not to publish a review by Joshua Gutterman Tranen “which engages with anti-Zionist politics.” In their open letter calling for a boycott, Noor Hindi, Summer Farah, Omar Sakr, and George Abraham write: “We want to be clear: censoring an American Jewish anti-Zionist is indeed taking a side.”

In the London Review of Books, Leila Farsakh—author of Rethinking Statehood in Palestinewrites about the war in Gaza, its parallels to the wars of 1967 and ’73, and the thirty-year history of failed peace processes since the Oslo Accords. 

Last weekend in the New Yorker, Isaac Chotiner talked with Daniella Weiss, a leader of the Israeli settlement movement and the former mayor of a Jewish settlement in the West Bank.