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Jon Raymond to discuss his new novel; Molly Fischer on Susan Faludi

Jon Raymond. Photo: © Michael Palmieri

For the New Yorker, Molly Fischer revisits Susan Faludi’s 1991 feminist text Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women. Fischer writes, “In the early nineties, Faludi situated the backlash within an ongoing cycle of feminist boom and bust in American history: periods of reactionary hostility toward feminism followed periods of widespread embrace.”  

In her The Present Age newsletter, Parker Molloy looks at Issac Chotiner’s New Yorker interview with Alan Dershowitz. Molloy admires how Chotiner fact-checks some of the Dershowitz's claims in the text itself. She observes that this is surprisingly rare: “For some reason, there are a lot of journalists out there who don’t think that it’s important to actually corroborate the statements they’re so eager to put in the newspaper.”

LitHub rounds up the best reviewed books of the week. 

On Wednesday, July 27th, Jon Raymond talks about his new novel, Denial, with Leni Zumas, for an event at Powell’s Books in Portland.  

For Gawker, Clare Coffey details just how bad the new Netflix adaptation of Persuasion really is: “Even taken on its own terms, the movie feels like the result of forcing a machine learning program to watch one hundred romantic comedies.”