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Joshua Cohen to update Dickens's 'Pickwick Papers'

Andrew Sullivan

Author and blogger Andrew Sullivan says he’s currently working on a book about Christianity.

Today is is the day that Joshua Cohen—the Harper’s book reviewer and the author, most recently, of the novel Book of Numbers—will begin rewriting Charles Dickens’s debut novel, The Pickwick Papers. Cohen will write his book, PCKWCK, online, for five hours a day, and visitors to the site will be able to watch his writing appear in real time. Visitors will also be able to offer feedback. Cohen’s fiction has been suspicious of online “crowds,” and the author’s interactions with his audience will be, we predict, both interesting and entertaining.

In a recent memo, Gawker executive editor John Cook told staffers that they need to work harder: “I don’t want to see Facebook viral garbage, but I do want more speed, more strength, and more desire on our sites. ... And right now I’m seeing too many first posts of the day going up at 9:40 a.m., too many posts with takes on stories that other sites addressed the day before, too many two-hour posts taking six-hours to write, too many posts that betray no attempt to add new information, research, reporting, or ideas to the topics they address.”

Poet, novelist, and critic Eileen Myles—who sold out the Poetry Project at last week’s celebration of her novel Chelsea Girls and her new book of selected and new poems—has received the 2015 Clark Prize for excellence in arts writing.

The Chronicle of Higher Education profiles the atypical career of George Scialabba, a “critic’s critic” whom James Wood has called "one of America’s best all-round intellects."