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Julia Turner leaving Slate; Literary silence on sexual assault

Julia Turner

At Lithub, read Sarah Nicole Prickett’s introduction to Gary Indiana’s Gone Tomorrow.

“Hemingway is at once kinder and more lost than we give him credit for. He has an excellent sense of humor,” writes Mikaella Clements on the subtle queerness of Ernest Hemingway’s work. “He is often very emotional. His portrayal of women is certainly misogynistic, but it is also complicated, mixed with longing and terror; very often, his women are the most nuanced characters on the page.”

“I am reluctant to name any particular book or author whom I feel is overrated, etc.; it is so very difficult to write a good book that I find myself always giving writers credit for even trying,” Andre Dubus III tells the New York Times By the Book column. “That said, I do despise writing that is a clever reflection back on the writer, writing that makes judgments of characters to make the writer look cooler or more hip or world-weary and wise in some way.”