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Juliet Escoria on writing about mental illness; Evgenia Peretz working on series about Hollywood college-admissions scandal

Juliet Escoria

At The Nation, over three dozen writers have signed an open letter urging Congress “to take immediate steps to rectify the atrocious conditions for asylum seekers being detained today.”

At The Millions, Jeff Jackson talks to Juliet Escoria about mental illness and why she chose an unconventional narrative structure for her new book, Juliet the Maniac. “In popular culture, a lot of times mental illness and/or addiction narratives are presented as: cause, effect, consequence, remedy. For me, this linear presentation was a lie,” she said. “You have a normal day, and then a completely warped one. Certain events or symptoms come out of nowhere. You do something that advances your ‘recovery,’ and then you slide back. An episodic structure seemed essential to convey this.”

Splinter’s Libby Watson is joining the New Republic as a staff writer.

Vanity Fair contributing editor Evgenia Peretz is developing a TV series based on her reporting on the Hollywood college-admissions scandal.

“This is the only one of these I’ve done, so the feedback resonates a little more,” Ben Folds tells Entertainment Weekly about his new memoir, A Dream About Lightning Bugs. “People can tell me things about my songwriting and it kind of rolls off my back, even if it’s a very nice thing. But this is like, ‘Okay, good. I spent time on the right thing.'”