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Kevin Nguyen joins The Verge; Rachel Kushner on documenting the past through fiction

Rachel Kushner

At Vulture, Aaron Sorkin writes about his experience adapting Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird for Broadway. Sorkin began the project three years ago, and the play premiered earlier this month after a lawsuit brought by Lee’s estate was settled. “I’ve been asked if I thought Harper Lee would like the play,” Sorkin writes. “My hope is that, if nothing else, Harper Lee would agree that the playwright had a deep love and respect for the book she wrote and that she’d be pleased (or maybe horrified) that the themes she wrote about in 1960 were at least as relevant in 2018.”

Kevin Nguyen is joining The Verge as features editor. Nguyen was most recently a senior editor at GQ and is currently working on a novel.

The New York Times profiles Australian author Heather Rose, whose recent novel The Museum of Modern Love is based on Marina Abramovic’s MoMA performance, “The Artist Is Present.”

At Ssense, Ana Cecilia Alvarez talks to Rachel Kushner about Los Angeles, cars, and documenting the past in her novel The Mars Room. “Writing this book clarified for me that one thing a writer is doing when making fiction is making a space to give voice and documentation to things that otherwise will be lost to time,” she said. “The older you get, the more you live part of your reality in the storehouse of those places. There was something about the activity of writing this book and the loss for Romy of her freedom that heightened the importance of some of these scenes, and people, and places, because everything is gone for her, and at the end of that chapter, she asks, where is everybody, and what has happened to them? And I feel that way all the time.”

Meg Wolitzer explains why she isn’t interested in adapting her own work into film. “I go through a very intense process when I’m writing a book, so the idea of repeating that for a film seems exhausting. You want to have a point where you are really done with something, you know?”