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Lydia Davis to discuss her essays on translation with Parul Sehgal and Jonathan Galassi

Lydia Davis. Photo: © Theo Cote

Anthony J. Broadwater, who was convicted of the 1981 rape described in Alice Sebold’s memoir Lucky, has been exonerated. Timothy Mucciante, the executive producer of a planned film adaptation of Sebold’s book, played a role in bringing attention to Broadwater’s case: “I started having some doubts, not about the story that Alice told about her assault, which was tragic, but the second part of her book about the trial, which didn’t hang together.”

For Thrillist, Esther Zuckerman talks with director Paul Thomas Anderson about his new movie Licorice Pizza, the San Fernando Valley’s connections to its past, and the English Tudor–style manor there that serves, in the new film, as Jon Peters’s house. As it turns out, it was also Zuckerman’s childhood home.

Lydia Davis will be in conversation with Parul Sehgal and Jonathan Galassi at Community Bookstore on November 30 for the launch of her new collection, Essays Two: On Proust, Translation, Foreign Languages, and the City of Arles.

For Bomb, Laura van den Berg interviews Farah Ali about her story collection People Want to Live. Ali has said that in her writing, she leads with character: “I wanted to be a mind reader or psychiatrist when I was a kid. So now I make up all these people and get to know them a little. I discover things about them as I write newer drafts; I want to see the why behind their actions and words. Who or what made them this way?”

Page Six reports that W Magazine is trying to halt the delivery of their upcoming issue, which features Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner on its cover. The edition was produced and printed before ten people died at Scott’s Astroworld Festival, and editors are now trying to recall the issue, which also includes an interview with the couple.