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Margo Jefferson and Darryl Pinckney at the New York Public Library

Margo Jefferson. Photo: Michael Lionstar

Tonight at the New York Public Library, Darryl Pinckney will discuss Busted in New York, his new book of essays about race in America, with Pulitzer Prize–winning critic and author Margo Jefferson.

In May, the writer Aatish Taseer wrote a story for Time magazine titled “India’s Divider in Chief,” which was critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Last week, the Indian government stripped Taseer of his overseas citizenship, which means that he will never be able to return to India. Now, more than two hundred and fifty writers, including Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood, are calling to restore Taseer’s citizenship.

Publishers Weekly looks at how much the publishing industry is working to address pay disparity and lack of diversity in the workforce.

At The Cut, Madeleine Aggeler wonders: How did Donald Trump Jr.’s new book, Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, make it on the New York Times bestseller list? Some have speculated that the book did not make it there through sales to individuals. The Times itself put a dagger next to Trump’s title, noting that many of its sales were made in bulk. Aggeler asks: “Did the RNC artificially boost Triggered’s sales numbers by bulk-ordering copies? They deny it.” But Republicans are handing the book out to donors—a strategy for boosting sales.

MIT has announced that it will publish a collection of tributes to Dodie Bellamy. The book will include a profile of Bellamy by Megan Milks, an essay by novelist-poet Andrew Durbin, and personal reflections by Bellamy’s late husband, the writer Kevin Killian.

Last year, author Chuck Palahniuk learned that his agent, Edward Hibbert at Donadio & Olson, had embezzled more than a million dollars from him. It almost ruined him financially. But now, the Fight Club author is making a comeback—with a new agent, ICM’s Sloan Harris, and two new books with Grand Central.