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Maria Popova vs. Buzzfeed...

Eileen Myles

Buzzfeed took down a post after Maria Popova complained that the site had reposted images that Popova had herself scanned for one of her own articles, about a rare 1995 edition of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, illustrated by Ralph Steadman. According to Popova, Buzzfeed had represented the images out of context, leading her to call the site “the vermin on of the internet–or, for a more context-appropriate metaphor, the pigs of the internet.”

The musician and Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein has been cast to perform with Cate Blanchett in Todd Haynes’s adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel Carol. Published in 1952, just two years after the release of Highsmith’s debut novel Strangers on a Train (famously adapted by Hitchcock), Carol was originally titled The Price of Salt. The book’s lesbian love story was considered controversial enough at the time that Highsmith used a pseudonym: Claire Morgan.

We’re excited to attend “Eileen Myles and Friends” at the Poetry Project on Saturday, which will feature poet-novelist Myles, novelist Sheila Heti, critic and essayist Hilton Als, and the music duo Body/Head (a k a Kim Gordon’s new band).

An anonymous poster on Pastebin claimed yesterday that Google has been encouraging its employees for five years to steal money from publishers through AdSense. Gawkerpoints out that the leak offers no evidence of the alleged theft, however, “aside from the lengthy description.”

Another Ellen Willis essay from the new volume of her collected essays is available online, this one (“Up From Radicalism”) at Guernica. Willis was, among many other things, the first rock critic for the New Yorker. Bookforum also has an excerpt. (We can't get enough.)