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Merve Emre sells new book; How debut authors and independent booksellers are coping with coronavirus

Merve Emre. Photo: Christian Nakarado

The Personality Brokers author Merve Emre has sold a new book. Doubleday has bought the rights to Woman: The History of an Idea, which details “a history of womanhood as it’s been defined by literature, philosophy, science, and culture across the ages.”

Min Jin Lee, Kiley Reid, Victor LaValle and more discuss the books they turn to for comfort.

Hilary Leichter, Celia Laskey, Emily Nemens, and other debut authors are exploring new ways to promote their books at a time when book tours and in-person interviews are impossible.

Independent bookstore owners talk to the New York Times about the new tactics they’re using to stay in business during the coronavirus pandemic. Strategies include hosting online book clubs and readings, along with home book delivery and curbside drop-off. “I feel like if we were able to persevere through the Amazon era, then we’ll get through this,” said Onyew Kim, a store manager at Atlanta’s A Cappella Books who has been making bike deliveries to customers. “I don’t know how, yet, but I think bookstores have a lot of strength and meaning to the community.”

At Jewish Currents, Arielle Angel reflects on the coronavirus pandemic, capitalism, and what it means for progressive publications. “For a publication attuned to the manifest failure of capitalism and guided by a sense of the urgency and necessity of revolutionary change, this moment feels like a rare opportunity to intervene in a momentous political struggle, to push for a more humane way of life,” she writes. “Though there is no silver lining in the coming carnage, we can take some harrowing comfort in the knowledge that things will not return to the way they were before.”