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Michael Eric Dyson writing new book on Jay-Z; Philip Roth's estate goes to auction

Michael Eric Dyson

Michael Eric Dyson is working on a new book about Jay-Z that “wrestles with the biggest theme of his career, hustling, and what it looks like when it shows up illegally in the underground and how it looks when it’s part of legitimate society.” Jay-Z: Made in America will be published by St. Martin’s Press next November.

Director Brian De Palma is writing his first novel. Are Snakes Necessary? is “‘a blistering political satire’ that doubles as a female revenge thriller,” according to Entertainment Weekly. The book is being cowritten by Susan Lehman and will be published next year by Hard Case Crime.

At Columbia Journalism Review, Camille Bromley reminisces about the heyday of Asian-American magazines and looks at the ways Asian-American media has adapted to the internet age.

Philip Roth’s estate is up for auction.

The New York Times follows Naomi Wolf on her book tour for Outrages: Sex, Censorship, and the Criminalization of Love after her publisher recalled the first printing over accuracy concerns.