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Michael Wolff announces new book about Trump administration; Guy Gavriel Kay on his allergy to writing advice

Jessica Valenti

Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff is writing a new book about the Trump administration. Siege: Trump Under Fire will be published by Henry Holt on June 4 and focuses “on tensions amid the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged ties between Russian officials and the Trump presidential campaign.”

Salon Media Group is hoping to sell the website for $5 million, the New York Post reports. However, the company noted that “there can be no guarantee that the asset sale will be completed and, if not completed, we may have to file for bankruptcy and liquidation.” 

Nieman Lab’s Laura Hazard Owen looks at the findings of a recent analysis of the linguistics of US media.

At Literary Hub, Guy Gavriel Kay explains why he is “allergic to writing advice.”

“What happens when satire begins to seem like a statement of impotence, when it loses its power to shame? What lies beyond it?” asks Parul Sehgal in her review of Mohammed Hanif’s Red Birds. “And what happens to a writer when he recognizes the limitations of his favorite form?”

At Medium’s Politics vertical, Sex Object author Jessica Valenti examines the statements of anti-abortion politicians that are advancing laws that criminalize abortion in Alabama, Georgia, and other states. “Women’s bodies, lives, and futures are quite literally in the hands of men who seemingly couldn’t pass a high school health class,” she writes. “It’s not just that women’s rights and autonomy are being legislated away, but that it’s being done by complete morons.”