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Moira Donegan writing a book; Sheila Heti on women and artistry

Moira Donegan

Moira Donegan is writing a book. The still-untitled book was bought by Scribner and will be a “primer on sexual harassment and assault as a lived experience” and explore the “moral and political challenge” that it presents for feminists.

The Cut talks to Robbie Kaplan, the lawyer defending Donegan in the lawsuit brought against her by Stephen Elliott.

The New York Times’s Parul Sehgal explores the prevalence of ghost stories in modern literature, which she writes is “positively ectoplasmic these days, crawling with hauntings, haints and wraiths of every stripe and disposition.”

Danielle Dutton and Martin Riker |!|talk to| the Los Angeles Review of Books about Dorothy, the press they cofounded.

Sheila Heti talks to Entertainment Weekly about choice, how gender affects her work’s reception, and her new book, Motherhood. “I think people read men and women differently and evaluate them on different scales,” she said. “There’s so much more credit given to men for their conscious artistry and hard work and for women when an artwork is great it’s because she has some like innate gift that doesn’t require her intelligence or her will or her craftsmanship. It just sort of comes out of her like blood.”