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Nadia Taha on Palestinian journalists in Gaza; Ryan Ruby’s year in reading

Nadia Taha 

For The Nation, Nadia Taha writes about the dangers faced by Palestinian journalists in Gaza. Taha notes that at least sixty-three journalists and media workers have been killed so far since October 7th; fifty-six have been Palestinian. Taha observes, “Local reporters in other conflicts around the world have been lifted up by the journalistic community. The journalists of Ukraine, for instance, were awarded a special Pulitzer Prize citation for their bravery in war. The very least that those of us can do now is bring that same level of solidarity, attention, and gratitude to the journalists of Gaza.”

Farrar, Straus and Giroux are offering two free chapters from Naomi Klein’s recent book Doppelganger. The chapters largely focus on Israel/Palestine. Introducing the excerpts, Klein writes, “The word I hear most often to describe these battles over land, identity, and safety is ‘intractable.’ I get it and I have experienced that intractability myself. And yet we cannot surrender to this blockage.” For more on Klein’s book, read Nico Baumbach’s review in Bookforum

The Verge has published a feature package, “The Year Twitter Died,” taking stock of the social-media site’s rise, influence, and afterlife as Elon Musk’s X.  

Screen Slate has Amy Taubin’s best films of 2023 list. Originally commissioned for Artforum’s December issue, the roundup was pulled by Taubin to protest the firing of editor-in-chief David Velasco.  

For The Millions, Ryan Ruby compiles his “2023 Year In Reading,” focused on cultural criticism.