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Nate Silver takes his blog to ESPN

Nate Silver

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog will relaunch next week under the ESPN umbrella. Silver, a statistician known for his election predictions and great fantasy baseball cheat-sheets, recently left the New York Times after his three-year contract expired.

In a Guardian profile, Mary-Kay Wimers, the editor of the London Review of Books, talks about the magazine’s growing influence (and its most controversial pieces), the importance of artful long-form essays, and the lack of female bylines at her publication.

Teju Cole on his “guilty” reading pleasures: “No guilt. I read many kinds of things, but my deepest happiness is in reading poetry.” The Ukranian poet and novelist Serhiy Zhadan was involved in a violent clash with police, leaving him bruised and bloody, the New Yorker reports, quoting a Slavic-language professor who puts the event into context: “It may sound like an old-fashioned ‘poet stands up to tyranny’ story, like something out of ‘Les Miz’—‘Can you hear the people sing?’—but it’s really kind of like that.”

Tonight at the New School’s fiction forum, a free discussion with author David Grand, author of the just-released Mount Terminus, a novel about Hollywood, the birth of film technology, and more.