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Virtual lineups for the National Book Festival and Brooklyn Book Festival; Emma Cline on the interior lives of toxic men

Emma Cline. Photo: Ricky Saiz

The National Book Festival (September 25th–27th) and the Brooklyn Book Festival (September 28th–October 5th) will both be held online this year. The National Book Festival will include readings by Colson Whitehead, Marlon James, Carmen Maria Machado, Maaza Mengiste and dozens of other authors. The Brooklyn Book Fest will feature Hari Kunzru, Emily St. John Mandel, Brandon Taylor, Claudia Rankine, and many more.

Aperture magazine’s new issue, “Native America” is out now. Guest edited by Wendy Red Star, the issue covers photography and indigenous lives.

At the New Republic, Jacob Bacharach reviews Matthew Yglesias’s new book, One Billion Americans, finding ideas that are “all unobjectionably true and largely useless.”

The Atlantic has gained 20,000 new subscribers since Trump commented that it is a “dying” magazine, following editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg’s viral article detailing how the president has disparaged Americans who died in war as “losers.”

Bob Woodward is defending his decision to not reveal comments from a February interview with Trump in which the president said the coronavirus was “deadly stuff” and highly contagious. Woodward claims he needed time to verify what Trump said: “I’m thinking, ‘Wow, that’s interesting, but is it true?’ Trump says things that don’t check out, right?” Asked why he didn’t hand the story off to a colleague to pursue, Woodward said he was developing “pretty important sources”: “I was on the trail, and I was (still) on the trail when [the virus] exploded.”

At the Paris Review, an interview with Emma Cline about her new book of stories, Daddy. Cline talks about imagining toxic-male interitoroty in the #MeToo era: “The culture has sort of forced everyone into having to imagine the interior lives of men, and why they do what they do. . . . Just seeing an entire workplace having to grapple with the actions of one man, and all this energy and effort that was expended by all of these other people to try and figure out what could have possibly been going on inside this man’s mind.”