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New biography spawns a very British scandal

David Cameron

An unauthorized biography of British Prime Minister David Cameron, Call Me Dave, is continuing to dominate headlines in the UK. Cowritten by Lord Ashcroft, a former Conservative Party treasurer and major party donor who is apparently sad about not getting the government job he was promised, the book is the source of the so-called Prosciutto Affair, which has spawned countless memes over the last couple of days. On this side of the Atlantic, some are already attempting to take the #piggate scandal seriously, and understand what it might tell us about today’s politics: “It’s a community of mutual self-interest and reliance, bonded together by a Mexican standoff over embarrassing private information. The structure survives and is passed down to successive generations of elite young men precisely because it is self-policing, self-sustaining, and remarkably effective.”

From the makers of The Onion and ClickHole comes a parody celebrity gossip website that will probably be hard to distinguish from the real ones.

And from the man behind Thought Catalog, a consideration of the digital media landscape, which he feels hasn’t changed in the last five years as much as you might think. Indeed, he doesn’t think much has changed fundamentally in media for far longer than that—Vice’s Shane Smith, he points out, in some ways resembles a mogul of the old school: “Like William Hearst or Condé Montrose Nast (or even Marc Eckō of Complex Media), Shane Smith has built a media empire after a decade of drilling away to build a meaningful cultural brand while still balancing business interests. Is there really that much difference between Vice’s elaborate parties and those that happened at Hearst Castle? It’s the same approach, slowly and steadily through big cultural acts and a strong editorial vision building a great media brand.” Declinists, take note.

In case your fall reading list is still lacking that certain something, Donald Trump is “excited to announce that work on my new bestseller is almost done.” (Meanwhile, some have enjoyed parsing the words of Scott Walker, who just dropped out of the race.)

Tonight at 7 at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, n+1 will be holding a reading party (not a contradiction in terms) for their new issue.