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New sponsor for the Booker Prize announced; Claudia Rankine and Layli Long event tonight

Layli Long

Sponsorship of the Booker Prize has been taken over by Crankstart, a charitable foundation run by Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman. The Man group, an investment firm that had funded the prize for the past eighteen years, will cease its involvement with the literary award in June. Crankstart has a five-year exclusive contract that can be renewed for a further five years. 

New York magazine’s The Cut has started publishing literary fiction on the site. A new story will appear on The Cut every month. New York has been expanding literary content across its sister platforms—in September, the magazine announced that it would be tripling its books coverage.

Medium has announced that users who come to the site via Twitter will bypass the paywall.

The New York Times profiles Geordie Greig, the editor of the Daily Mail, who took over this summer. Former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has noticed an evolution of the Mail since Greig has taken the helm, noting that the paper “has stopped behaving like a punch-drunk old bruiser lurching around in search of a brawl.”

Sam Lipsyte talks to Electric LIterature about his new novel, Hark, a satirical look at a fake-mindfulness movement called Mental Archery. Lipsyte notes that while he does love to teach writing, he’s no guru: “The idea of a guru connotes to me a static dynamic. It’s destructive and boring. Also, I don’t really have the energy. Gurus have to work hard.”

Tonight at the Strand bookstore in Manhattan, Claudia Rankine will talk with poet Layli Long.