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“New York Review of Books” contributors on the draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade; “The Believer” founders and editors address new ownership

Meaghan Winter. Photo: Rose Lichter-Marck 

The New York Review of Books is publishing a series of responses to the leaked Supreme Court draft decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade. Most recently, Meaghan Winter writes about how “Democrats have been defeatist about abortion for decades.” Among the other contributors are Charlotte Shane, Annette Gordon-Reed, Anne Enright, Liza Batkin, and more.

The founders and former editors of The Believer have published a letter addressing the magazine’s new ownership by a firm called Paradise Media. The former owners at the University of Nevada Las Vegas announced in October 2021 that they would stop publishing the magazine this spring. On April 22, former editors were locked out of The Believer’s website, and “hours later, the site began showing ads for ‘25 Best Hookup Sites.’” The founders and editors were not given any notice about a sale, and “are currently exploring all our options.” 

Last month, the Paris Review hosted an in-office concert featuring the Staples Jr. Singers. A clip from the show has now been posted on the magazine’s website.  

For the New York Times, Alexandra Jacobs looks at two new books about the magazine world: a biography of Anna Wintour and a memoir by former Vanity Fair editor Dana Brown. Jacobs considers these books at a time when the industry appears to be disappearing fast: “The accelerating erosion has not been big news during a time of pandemic, war and actual erosion, and yet the absence of magazines authoritatively documenting such events, or distracting from them, as they used to do with measured regularity, is keenly felt.”

For the New Republic, Jennifer Wilson reviews Jennifer Egan’s new novel, The Candy House: “Dense with characters, dizzying with subplots, The Candy House is like a Twitter timeline transposed onto the page, but self-consciously so—a meta novel about the metaverse.”