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Nonino Prize-winners; the godfather of Fox News; looking back on Amiri Baraka's life and work

Antonio Lobo Antunes

The Portuguese novelist Antonio Lobo Antunes, the Palestinian writer Suad Amiry, the Italian psychiatrist Guiseppe dell’Acqua, and the French philosophy Michel Serres are the winners of Italy’s thirty-ninth annual Nonino Prizes. V. S. Naipaul presided over this year’s jury, which included Peter Brook, John Banville, and the Syrian poet Adonis, among others.

Roger Ailes once said to his client, Senator Al D’Amato: “Jesus, nobody likes you. Your own mother wouldn’t vote for you. Do you even have a mother?" The New Republic highlights Roger Ailes’s most outrageous comments from Off Camera, the new biography of the godfather of Fox News.

Hugo Lindgren, who stepped down from his position at the New York Times Magazine in November, has been named acting editor of the Hollywood Reporter. In other Times news, the paper’s executive editor Jill Abramson has discussed some of her plans for the paper in 2014: “a deep look at the global rich,” continued coverage of China, rethinking the NYT Magazine, and more multimedia journalism.

What happens when the winner of a mystery-novel contest turns out to be in prison, serving a minimum of 30 years for murder?

As a child, Hilton Als did not know Amiri Baraka “as a famous poet who initiated the powerful Black Arts Movement in 1965, or as the man whose groundbreaking plays, ranging from 1964’s Dutchman, to 1969’s Four Black Revolutionary Plays, changed what was possible on the American stage.” He knew him as a father, a former husband, and a force at the top of the stairs of an East Village walk-up. On the New Yorker’s books blog, Als gives a thoughtful reflection on the life of a man and the legacy of his work.