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Norman Mailer's drawings...

Fifteen early stories by Elmore Leonard have been acquired by the British publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson, to appear in the fall of 2015. HarperCollins will publish the American edition.

Pinterest is “untapped” as a driver of traffic, Buzzfeed’s vice president of growth and data tells Forbes. You can pin anything—not just photos of attractive sofas. If Twitter use is slowing, as has been ominously hinted, the opposite seems to be happening with Pinterest, which has more female users and possibly more users overall.

Gawker looks askance at the new “editorial standards” by which Buzzfeed is justifying the removal of old posts.

Jacques Lezra, one of the translators of the Dictionary of Untranslatables, reflects on the project, which has been controversial, he says, “in at least three ways.” One question he and the other translators struggled with: “If we succeed, won’t we have failed, or at least shown that the original idea, that these terms are untranslatable in some important way, was off base?”

Norman Mailer liked to draw.

Google is working on creating the “perfect” font for Android devices, one that will look good at almost any size or resolution—a sort of “visual lingua franca” for the company’s countless applications and phones. The new version of Roboto will ideally not call attention to itself: “The goal of a good font,” writes New York’s Kevin Roose, “is to be silently useful.”