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Novelist Sara Nović on how ASL made her a writer; “Conjunctions” will be published by Bard College for three more years

Sara Nović. Photo: Zach Stone

Bard College is reversing its decision to stop publishing Conjunctions, and has committed to publish the literary journal for three more years. Contributors to their forthcoming fall issue include Carmen Maria Machado, Yxta Maya Murray, Can Xue, and more. 

At The Guardian, Sara Nović discusses the deaf writing community, her second novel, True Biz, and why ASL has been important to her as a deaf writer working in English: “Language bears more than the work of communicating with the mainstream world; it is also the internal vehicle for our thoughts and feelings, the mechanism through which we understand ourselves. Without first having had ASL, I would not have understood myself as a person with a story to tell.”

Toni Morrison’s 1973 novel Sula is being made into a series for HBO. Shannon M. Houston, a poet and TV writer, wrote the adaptation and will executive produce the project.

The New York Times reports that Israeli police assaulted mourners during the funeral procession of Shireen Abu Akleh, the Palestinian American reporter who was killed on Wednesday in the West Bank. Police kicked and beat pallbearers, “causing them to briefly lose control of one end of the coffin.” In a statement, Al Jazeera has accused Israeli forces of assassinating Abu Akleh, and eyewitnesses have disputed the Israeli line that the journalist was killed amid crossfire.

Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter is “temporarily on hold pending details” that less than 5 percent of users on the social-media site are fake accounts. In a tweet, Musk adds: “Still committed to acquisition.”