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Ocean Vuong wins TS Eliot prize; Terry Gross on the mystery of human nature

Ocean Vuong. Photo: Peter Bienkowski

Tom Bower is working on a new book about Prince Charles. Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles will explore the monarch’s “‘desperate bid to rehabilitate himself’ after Princess Diana’s death,” The Bookseller reports. Rebel Prince will be published in the UK next March; the book does not yet have a US publication date.

Ocean Vuong has won the TS Eliot prize for his debut poetry collection, Night Sky With Exit Wounds.

Nieman Lab reports that Los Angeles Times editor Lewis D’Vorkin is hiring journalists away from the Washington Post, the New York Times, and elsewhere as the paper begins a newsroom reorganization.

Lizzie Crocker has resigned from her job at the Daily Beast after she plagiarized a piece about Katie Roiphe from the Weekly Standard. An investigation conducted by the website found no other issues with Crocker’s past work. On Twitter, Thomas Chatterton Williams speculated that Crocker felt comfortable borrowing from the article because “she could safely assume few readers look across ideological lines. . . . The irony is that the same exact piece can work in either venue!”

Vulture’s David Marchese talks to NPR’s Terry Gross about Fresh Air, empathy, and what she’s learned about human nature over four decades of interviews. Gross discussed the feeling of finding out that previous interviewees have been accused of sexual misconduct. “What can I say? You think you have meaningful conversations with someone, then you find out they masturbated in front of women,” she said. “I always walk away from an interview — no matter how well it went — knowing that there’s so much that I don’t know about that person.”