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Patricia Highsmith's Diaries to be Published; Anonymous Trump Official's Book Will Be Released Next Month

Patricia Highsmith

Hatchette’s Twelve imprint has purchased a book from the anonymous Trump official who wrote the New York Times op-ed “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.” The author will remain anonymous. According to the writer’s agency, Javelin, the book, tentatively titled A Warning, was “written under extreme secrecy by someone in the room with the President and other senior administration officials on multiple occasions.” The book will be published next month, and became the No. 1 seller on Amazon within twenty-four hours of the announcement.

Patricia Highsmith’s estate has made available hundreds of pages from the author’s personal diaries. Liveright will publish the Talented Mr. Ripley author's journals in 2021. According to Alexandra Alter in the New York Times: “Spanning nearly 60 years, the entries reveal new facets of Highsmith’s life. They catalog her thoughts on such subjects as good and evil, loneliness and intimacy, and love and murder, which she saw as intertwined: ‘Murder is a kind of making love, a kind of possessing,’ she wrote in 1950.”

The eleventh annual Poetry Fest opens on Friday at New York’s Irish Arts Center with a tribute to Seamus Heaney. The three-day festival, which was organized by Nick Laird, will feature Zadie Smith, Paul Muldoon, Sally Rooney, Kevin Young, and others.

Statistician Nate Silver, author of The Signal and the Noise, was pretty far off the mark in his predictions regarding the 2016 election, but that hasn’t kept him from analyzing early polls for the 2020 presidential race. Joe Biden, he notes, is far from the frontrunner that the media has presented. Biden is, in fact, hovering at a steady approval rating, and shows no sign of shooting upward. “I'm a broken record on this, but the contrast between the media perception of Biden's doing vs. the polls is fairly profound and should probably beget more self-reflection. He's basically in the same position in the RCP average today (27%) as when he launched his campaign (29%).”

Brooklyn’s Murmrr has announced that it will help cult story writer Gary Lutz celebrate the release of his new book, The Complete Gary Lutz, with an event featuring special guests Sam Lipsyte, Christine Schutt, Ben Marcus, and Scott McClanahan. Tickets are on sale now.