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Philip Roth's apartment is for sale; Edouard Louis on his new memoir

Edouard Louis

Literary Hub reports on Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a former detainee at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and author of the bestselling book Guantanamo Diary. After being held for fourteen years without being charged with a crime, Slahi was released to his home country, Mauritania, in 2016, but is now unable to get a passport. Slahi says of his circumstances: “This is hard to understand because it’s so weird. . . . I need my freedom. I need it now.”

Philip Roth’s Upper West Side apartment is up for sale. The asking price is $3.2 million.

Gary Cohn, the former Goldman Sachs executive and Trump administration staffer, is writing a memoir.

Edouard Louis talks about his new memoir, Who Killed My Father. The book, which New Directions in publishing in English in March, is a short, wrenching portrait of Louis’s dad that blends political polemic with family history. As Louis tells the Independent: “On one hand it is a very political book, like Emile Zola’s J’Accuse, because I talk about French politics and French history. But on the other hand it is a very intimate book, because I am trying to show that decisions made by governments affect my father’s body. A decision from Jacques Chirac or Emmanuel Macron to stop reimbursing my father’s medicine was as intimate for him as his first kiss.”

Barflies take note: Tonight, La Poisson Rouge is hosting a Charles Bukowski memorial reading, hosted by Three Rooms Press.