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Phoney Philip Larkins and tech news's bigger fish

Philip Larkin

The Times Literary Supplement drew gleeful scorn online after publishing, with extended and enthusiastic commentary, a lost Philip Larkin poem that, in fact, wasn’t one (it’s by Frank Redpath, one of Hull’s less famous poets, and appeared in a 1982 anthology).

No more free e-books? Publishers have won a High Court ruling in London that will force British internet service providers to block access to seven pirate e-book sites, including LibGen and AvaxHome. First they came for the mp3s...

The land of digital media start-ups is a large and frightening one nowadays: Vox just bought the 18-month-old tech site Re/code, run by veteran Wall Street Journal writers Kara Swisher and Walter Mossberg. “Everybody is bigger than us,” Swisher told the New York Times. “It’s not a secret that being a smaller fish is really hard.” (Buzzfeed, incidentally, has hired more than a dozen reporters in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in its bid to rule the tech-news beat.)

New York’s Daily Intelligencer identifies a new way to make it in journalism. Recent Columbia J-School grad Ben Taub used his NBC stipend from appearing on the reality show The Voice to fund a trip to the Syrian border and win his very first New Yorker byline.

The Paris Review goes Hollywood, supplementing its legendary interviews with a new video series called “My First Time”, in which authors discuss writing their first books: the trailer features Sheila Heti, Ben Lerner, Akhil Sharma and Tao Lin.

It appears that everybody spoke too soon in mourning the death of SkyMall, which, after being quietly purchased at auction for $1.9 million, is back.