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Preet Bharara to write book; Chris Kraus on politics

Chris Kraus

Former United States Attorney Preet Bharara is writing a book. Bharara, who was fired by Donald Trump earlier this year, said the book will be “about integrity, leadership, decision making and moral reasoning.” The still-untitled work will be published by Alfred A. Knopf in 2019.

MIT Press is partnering with the Internet Archive to digitize their backlist titles. The e-books will then be available at any library that already lends physical copies of the titles.

The Millions talks to Lidia Yuknavitch about her 2011 memoir, The Chronology of Water.

At the Paris Review, Albert Mobilio reflects on the nature of art books, and how they require more than simply turning the page. “This sort of book—at least in its mass-market edition—is meant to be handled and read, its images checked against our own visualizations,” he writes. “When the art part of the book—the possessive in artists’ book is telling—becomes increasingly salient, the experience of the text can become subordinate to the experience of visual and even end up almost incidental.”

At The Cut, Ann Friedman talks to Chris Kraus about feminism, politics, and writing I Love Dick. Kraus said that while her writing does have political elements, she doesn’t necessarily see her work as affecting “any particular pragmatic change.” “If I had another life to live I might be a politician or I might be an activist. . . . But I went another way; I decided to become a writer,” she said. “What books and what culture can do is change the zeitgeist, right? That’s all that you can help.”