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Priscilla Gilman on criticism in the age of social media

Priscilla Gilman

Former Fox News co-president Bill Shine has officially joined the Trump administration as a presidential assistant and deputy communications chief of staff. “The loudest voices opposing Shine’s appointment are not coming from progressive activists and women’s groups,” notes BuzzFeed News. “They’re coming from within the conservative media world.”

Lauren O’Neill-Butler talks to philosopher and artist Adrian Piper about the intersection of her two fields, resisting oppression, and consciousness.

“Our reach is so much greater, but people’s attention span is so much shorter,” says Priscilla Gilman on the life of a critic in the age of social media. “Reviews can be shared with and disseminated to many more people, but how many readers take the time to read longer reviews or literary essays that don’t immediately or easily offer a sound-bite or capsule take on the book?”

Chicago Review Press will publish the posthumous memoir of Gilbert Baker, LGBTQ activist and rainbow-flag creator, next June on the Stonewall riots’ fiftieth anniversary.

The Atlantic has hired former Politico writer Todd Purdum as a California correspondent and staff writer. Purdum will also oversee the magazine’s newly-opened Los Angeles bureau.

The New York Times looks to acting coaches for their feelings on Brazilian soccer player Neymar’s theatrical reactions to injuries. Though some have been impressed with his “commitment”—”When your choice as a player is, ‘I don’t know if I’ll ever walk again,’ you can’t go halfway,” said NCIS: Los Angeles acting coach Peter Kelley—others feel that Neymar’s behavior “diminishes the art form” of acting. “If you have a response that doesn’t correspond to the event, we won’t empathize, we won’t believe you, and we’ll start to question why,” said London acting coach Phillipa Strandberg-Long. “Either you are lying or you’re psychologically ill.” n+1 writer Alejandro Chacoff said that the problem is not unique to Neymar. “People call Neymar the actor, but I think it’s just that he’s the worst actor out of all the others.”