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Raymond Antrobus wins Rathbones Folio Prize; Lisa Lucas on Robert Caro

Raymond Antrobus. Photo: Adam Docker

Raymond Antrobus has won the Rathbones Folio Prize for his poetry collection, The Perseverance. Antrobus is the first poet to win the prize.

Digiday looks at the sale of Salon Media Group to Proper Media owners Chris Richmond and Drew Schoentrup. The pair “see an easy path toward profits” that doesn’t require cutting editorial staff.

Now that HBO’s Game of Thrones has ended, Literary Hub and The Guardian both offer lists of fantasy series “to fill the dragon-shaped hole in your life.”

On Will Schwalbe’s But That’s Another Story podcast, Lisa Lucas discusses Robert Caro, Robert Moses, and reading The Power Broker on the subway. “There was like an aesthetics to reading. . . . People on the subway are signaling something when they read a book. And I think I was definitely trying to signal something about who I wanted to be when I picked it up,” she said. “It just looks like a big old dry book about a dead white guy by an old white guy. And I was just absolutely shaken by the clear interest in justice that this author had and the loving, tender, thoughtful regard in which he described the people that Robert Moses had been rolling over.”

Tonight at the Center for Fiction in Brooklyn, Rachel Cusk and Domenico Starnone discuss “how the evolving relationship between reader and author has pushed form and structure into new and exciting directions.”