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Reeves Wiedeman on the future of the New York Times; Nicole R. Fleetwood and Jackie Wang discuss carceral aesthetics

Nicole R. Fleetwood

The White Review is inviting proposals for a new two-year, part-time editorship.

At New York’s Intelligencer, Reeves Wiedeman reports on the “ideological turf war” at the New York Times, talking with staff about how the paper has handled recent reckonings over diversity, institutional objectivity, the 1619 Project, and the Tom Cotton op-ed. “Change does not come swiftly to the Times,” Wiedeman writes, noting that the Trump presidency “has been a unifying force for the institutionalists and insurrectionists” at the paper. Wiedeman wonders how the paper will confront these issues, which have been “punted until after” the general election.

Ben Smith takes stock of Times reporter Maggie Haberman’s journalistic contributions throughout the Trump administration, averaging more than one story per day: “For the last four years, she has been the human incarnation of a nation riveted, like it or not, by Mr. Trump.”

The Portland Book Festival has a full slate of streaming events today and will continue through November 21.

At the New Yorker, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor writes about why “voting out Trump is not enough.” Noting Biden’s call for unity and his promise of finding common ground with Republicans, Taylor asks: “We were told that this Presidential race was the most consequential of our lifetimes, that it was a contest between democracy and budding fascism. Why would Biden welcome the foot soldiers of Trump’s authoritarian politics into his coalition?”

Tonight at 8 PM EST, Artists Space will be hosting a conversation between Jackie Wang, author of Carceral Capitalism, and Nicole R. Fleetwood, curator of “Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration.”

The 2020 Alice Award has been won by Infinite Cities: A Trilogy of Atlases, published in September by the University of California. The Alice Award ceremony will be livestreamed on November 16th at 8pm via The Strand’s YouTube and Facebook pages.