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Reuters reporters freed; Michael Ondaatje on his new novel

Michael Ondaatje

Two Reuters reporters, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, have been freed from prison in Myanmar after being held for more than five-hundred days. The journalists were accused of breaking the Official Secrets Act. Originally sentenced to seven years behind bars, the pair were granted amnesty by president Win Myint.

Recode’s Peter Kafka reports that Amazon is considering paying online publishers that use affiliate links, like BuzzFeed and the New York Times’s Wirecutter.

G/O Media, formerly Gizmodo Media, has hired Paul Maidment as editor in chief.

“Why is a country that successfully fought a Revolutionary War to gain political independence from the British crown so insatiably interested in it?” At Lit Hub, The Regency Years author Robert Morrison explains why Americans are so obsessed with the British royal family.

Tonight at the Brooklyn Public Library, Michael Ondaatje will discuss his new novel, Warlight, with Francine Prose.

At The Guardian, Oliver Burkeman examines the side effects of receiving news through social media and phone notifications. “For a certain segment of the population, the news has come to fill up more and more time—and, more subtly, to occupy centre stage in our subjective sense of reality,” he writes. “The news is no longer one aspect of the backdrop to our lives, but the main drama. The way that journalists and television producers have always experienced the news is now the way millions of others experience it, too.”