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Rolling Stone will publish external review of its controversial article

Norman Rush

The Guardian has appointed Katharine Vinerto be its new editor in chief. Viner, who will be the first woman EIC in the paper’s 194-year history, is currently the magazine’s deputy editor, and will begin her new position this summer. In a column for USA Today, Michael Wolff suggests that the choice of Viner instead of another editor, Janine Gibson, was in some ways influenced by Gibson’s role in the Guardian’s coverage of Edward Snowden—stories that won the paper a Pulitzer Prize but also caused turmoil in the organization as a whole. (Here’s a speech Viner gave in 2013 about “journalism in the age of the open web.”)

The Morning News’s annual Tournament of Books has entered its semifinals.

In the latest installment of the Paris Review’s book club on Norman Rush's Mating, Miranda Popkey focuses on one controversial line from the novel: “I had been working my tits down to nubs.

The Los Angeles Times recently ran an op-ed with the headline “California has about one year of water left. Will you ration now?” The article’s author, Jay Famiglietti, later pointed out that “he made no such claim in the piece.” Now, experts are weighing in, and calling the newspaper’s choice of headline as a “click-generating machine.

Rolling Stone has announced that it will publish an external review of the article about a gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity. Shortly after the article’s publication last November, large portions were called into question by the Washington Post, among other news outlets. The review is being led by Steve Coll, the Pulizter winner, author of multiple books of investigative journalism, and dean and Columbia’s school of journalism.