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Rolling Stone's "conscious uncoupling"

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jason Fine, the current editor of Men’s Journal, will be the new managing editor of Rolling Stone, taking over from Will Dana, with whom publisher Jann Wenner says he has had “a conscious uncoupling” after the magazine’s difficulties over its retracted UVA article.

The once-scrappy Charlie Hebdo doesn’t know what to do with all its money.

The new venture from veteran entertainment journalist Nikki Finke (she of Deadline Hollywood) has gone live. “Once you get past F. Scott Fitzgerald and John O’Hara,” she told Jezebel, there are not nearly enough short stories about Hollywood, so she’s decided to rectify that by providing pay-as-you-go fiction from movie industry insiders.

On the other hand, there might still be more Fitzgerald to be had.

No wonder Nick Denton’s envious: Some advertisers now see Vox, supposedly due for an investment from NBC Universal that would value it at $850 million, as a “modern-day Condé Nast.”

Witness the Sisyphean travails of a fact-checker on social media.

Tonight at St. Mark’s Bookshop, the Shrinks Are Away reading by local authors promises to soothe any Manhattanites suffering without their analysts this month.