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Ryan Kelly on photographing Charlottesville attack; April Ryan on being called an "enemy" of Trump

April Ryan

GoDaddy is cancelling the Daily Stormer’s hosting service after the website posted a hate-filled article about Heather Heyer, who was killed by a white supremacist in Charlottesville last weekend. At Columbia Journalism Review, photographer Ryan Kelly recounts capturing the moment that James Alex Fields Jr rammed his car into a crowd of protesters. Kelly was covering the protest on his last day as a photojournalist for The Daily Progress. “It was a terrible thing and the fact that more people will be more aware of it happening is an overall positive,” he writes, “but I can’t say I’m happy to have been there.”

Journalist April Ryan is calling out Trump for featuring her and Representative Maxine Waters as his “enemies” in a reelection ad after the racist attacks in Charlottesville last weekend. “I am singled out as an enemy of the White House as this racial hate is going on,” Ryan tweeted, “just for asking real questions and speaking truth.”

After taking a buyout from the New York Times, reporter James Risen has joined First Look Media. Risen will direct the First Look Press Freedom Defense Fund, as well as serve as the Intercept’s senior national security correspondent.

Michael Schaub reports on the winners of the 2017 Hugo Awards for fiction and fantasy books.

Lindsay Hunter makes a convincing case for her new book, Eat Only When You’re Hungry. “If you like awkward conversations, Florida, heat and sweat and junk food . . . I think it will move you in every sense of the word,” she says. “You might laugh, you might cry, you might be disgusted, and what more could you want out of a book?”

Tonight at Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn, Katie Kitamura talks to Paul Yoon about his new book, The Mountain.