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Sally Rooney on Biden’s war on Gaza; the Paris Review partners with the Bard Prison Initiative

Sally Rooney. Photo: Macmillan 

In an opinion piece for the Irish Times, novelist Sally Rooney writes about how President Biden’s friendly visit with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar this weekend “neatly illustrates the Irish Government’s approach to the war on Gaza.” Rooney describes how the Irish government reserves “strong straightforward criticism” for the state of Israel while treating the United States “as a kind of neutral third party,” despite the fact that the US supplies around 80 percent of Israel’s imported weapons in addition to billions of dollars of aid. “What is happening in Gaza is not only Israel’s war: it is a US war, and it is most particularly Biden’s war.”

The activist group Writers Against the War on Gaza has published a multipart critique of the New York Times’s coverage of Israel’s assault on Gaza, offering a close reading, computational analysis, and style guide to “provide a line-by-line look at the way the Times has attempted to make a genocide palatable to the public.”   

The Paris Review has partnered with the Bard Prison Initiative to establish a visiting professorship role with the organization, a college-in-prison program which extends Bard College’s liberal arts curriculum to full-time students in seven prisons in New York state. Applications and nominations for the role are open through April 4. 

The spring issue of Hammer & Hope is a special edition on Palestine, with contributions from Angela Davis, Derecka Purnell, Hala Alyan, Robin D. G. Kelley, and Arundhati Roy, among others. In the editors’ note, the magazine draws attention to how anti-Arab racism in the West “has normalized America’s and Israel’s war crimes in the Middle East.” 

n+1 magazine has announced the recipients of its 2024 Writers Awards: Andrea Long Chu will receive the n+1 Writers’ Fellowship grant, and Siddhartha Deb will receive the Anthony Veasna So Fiction Prize.