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Sarah M. Broom on structure and writing; G/O Media turns a profit

Sarah M. Broom. Photo: Adam Shemper

Otherppl’s Brad Listi talks to Sarah M. Broom about home, structure, and her new memoir, The Yellow House. “I was thinking about the book as a sort of house, that needs a specific architecture. When you go to someone’s house, you don’t just bust in and end up in someone’s bedroom, right? There is a pathway you follow,” she explained. “How do you set up thresholds in a book? How does the reader feel when they’re moving through it? What’s the familial space and the public space? It came to me at the very beginning that I need to be contextualizing it in that way.”

Nieman Lab’s Joshua Benton analyzes the coverage of Vox Media’s acquisition of New York Media. “While this is being framed as an acquisition (with no dollar amounts released), it’s not hard to see why it might look like . . . a happy marriage,” he writes. “Substantial audience overlap, similar editorial values, strong reputations for quality — these crazy kids might pull it off!”

G/O Media has “turned a quarterly operating profit for the first time since 2015,” the New York Post reports.

At BuzzFeed, Katie Notopoulos examines the impossible jobs of Facebook’s content moderators. “Moderating a platform of over a billion people is a daunting task — particularly at a global level,” she writes. “The moderators who spoke to BuzzFeed News say the outsourcing system by which Facebook governs the content on its platform is fundamentally broken.”

Tonight at Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, Kristen Arnett, Angie Cruz, Sion Dayson, Briallen Hopper, and Elisabet Velasquez discuss secrets.