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Sarah Polley’s film adaptation of Women Talking; new issue of Astra online now

Still from Sarah Polley’s Women Talking. Photo: Courtesy United Artists.

Via LitHub, the trailer for Sarah Polley’s film adaptation of Miriam Toews’s novel Women Talking. Leslie Jameson reviewed the book for the summer 2019 issue of Bookforum

Astra magazine’s new issue, on “filth,” is online now. The editors write, “There is a moral element to filth. It is both what we have been taught to hide, and the subversive pleasure in revealing it.” The magazine’s second issue covers its subject in poetry, fiction, essays, memoir, and more.

In Tablet magazine, J. Hoberman looks at the work of Diane Arbus, as David Zwirner Gallery celebrates the fifty-year anniversary of Arbus’s MoMA exhibition Cataclysm by restaging it. Hoberman writes, “Typecast as a collector of sideshow freaks, Arbus might equally be termed a surrealist ethnographer, a tragic humanist, a sensation-seeking existentialist, or, in the tradition of 19th-century French outsider poets, a camera-artist maudit.” You can read more about Arbus in Bookforum, with articles by Prudence Peiffer and Parul Sehgal.  

At The Guardian, Anna Cafolla profiles Fitzcarraldo Editions, the UK independent publisher with four Nobel Prize winners to its name. Publisher Jacques Testard told Cafolla, “A lot of this is luck and circumstance. But we’re committed to long-term relationships with authors. Book by book, brick by brick, we’re on that journey with them.”

Clare Sestanovich, author of Objects of Desire, has been named the managing editor of The Drift.