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Sci-fi writers' new challenge; Entire Committee on the Arts and Humanities resigns

Jhumpa Lahiri

nothing about our days today is subtle, and the challenge of making science fiction not seem like a bald ripoff of current headlines is much more of a task than it’s been in a while.”

In a letter to his unborn child, novelist Karl Ove Knausgaard dwells on what “makes life worth living.” A partial list: apples, plastic bags, loneliness, and pissing.

At Playboy, novelist and critic Tom Carson weighs in on Tina Fey’s cake-eating SNL skit. “We’ll never know how anyone could watch her stuffing her face until her lips were covered in goo as she tried to spit out anti-Trump, anti-Nazi venom while choking down another bite—even Lucille Ball was never crueler to herself for a joke’s sake—and imagine that Fey was earnestly proposing this as a good coping strategy,” he writes. “Not only was it satire, but it was pretty damn brutal satire in the bargain.”

Susan Bernofsky—who has translated Franz Kafka, Robert Walser, Jenny Erpenbeck, and many others—offers tips for aspiring translators.