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Talia Lavin sells book on white supremacists; Mira Jacob on the inspirations behind "Good Talk"

Mira Jacob

Journalist and former New Yorker fact-checker Talia Lavin has sold a book on right-wing extremists to Hachette. Culture Warlords will be “an account of ‘a mouthy Jewish broad from New York’ and her encounters with the byzantine online world of white supremacists, tracing the movement’s growth, schisms, and the threat it poses to the 2020 election.”

Melville House is publishing the Mueller Report as its first mass-market paperback ever. Skyhorse Publishing and Scribner are also planning on publishing their own versions of the report.

At BOMB, Emily Raboteau talks to Mira Jacob about privacy, VH1’s Pop-Up Video, and her new graphic memoir, Good Talk. Besides Pop-Up Video, Jacobs found inspiration in everything from Riot Grrrrl zines, paper doll books, and the Still Processing podcast. “Whenever I felt like I had something I could not possibly write, I would listen to Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris wade into a difficult conversation with love and patience for each other,” she explained. “It made me realize how important it was to believe in us—the many of us out there ready to talk about and hear and hold onto the hard parts.”

Nieman Reports examines the root causes of the “recent burst of media unionization.”

The Verge’s Angela Chen talks to Clive Thompson about efficiency, the difference between coding and writing, and his new book, Coders. “When you’re coding and you’ve created a tool for yourself, when it starts working and it’s running and doing what I need it to do, no one can say the thing’s not working. It is! It is objectively working,” he said. “It is doing what I told it to do and it’ll do it until the sun explodes and electricity runs out. There’s no such finality in writing.”