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The "Best American Poetry" Hoax

Dale Peck

Next year, novelist-critic Dale Peck and OR Books cofounder John Oakes will relaunch The Evergreen Review, the legendary literary quarterly founded by Barney Rosset in 1957. Oakes will be the publisher, and Peck will act as the editor in chief.

It has been revealed that Yi-Fen Chou, one of the contributors to this year’s edition of Best American Poetry, is a pseudonym that was used by Michael Derrick Hudson, a white poet who adopted the Chinese pen name because he thinks it’s a successful strategy for being published more often. Guest editor Sherman Alexie (whose list of authors is 60 percent women and 40 percent people of color) has issued a statement explaining why he decided to publish the poem, even after learning of Hudson’s true identity. “ Listen, I was so angry that I stormed and cursed around the room. I felt like punching the wall…. But I realized that I would primarily be jettisoning the poem because of my own sense of embarrassment.”

On September 3, the young-adult writer Patrick Ness launched a fundraising campaign for Syrian refugees, and thanks to contributions from writers including Philip Pullman, Marian Keyes and Anthony Horowitz, he has already raised more than £500,000.

On Wednesday, Apple is expected to demo its new operating system and updates to its Apple News app, which will support ad blocking. But as much as Apple claims that new software will help news organizations get their stories to mobile devices, ad-blocking could raise a serious problem, because publishers rely on revenue from online advertising.