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The best book prequels; Emilie Pine on her new book

Emilie Pine

The Guardian lists the best book prequels.

Emilie Pine talks to the New York Times about privacy, personal writing, and her new book, Notes to Self. “Because I’m an academic, I assumed it would be much more a polemic about the state of the world. It might start with me, but then it would generalize to talk about addiction issues or sexual violence against women, with statistics and so on,” she said. “I kept being irritated with myself for not being able to write the polemic I wanted. But it kept feeling really fake. I wanted to write an authentic book, though I would have never used that phrase in the beginning of the process.”

Digital magazine Topic is being shut down by its owner, First Look Media, editor Anna Holmes announced on Twitter. “It’s an understatement to say that we’re bummed. Two years ago, we launched a beautiful little digital magazine devoted to supporting ambitious, talented storytellers working in number of formats,” she wrote. “In the short amount of time we’ve been around, we’ve been blessed to work with some absolutely amazing people and honored with a number of high-profile awards. I feel like we were just hitting our stride.”

Irene Skolnick—who was a founding member of the CLMP and ran her own literary agency since 1994—has died. Her clients over the years have included Allegra Goodman, Michael Greenberg, Joyce Johnson, James Lasdun, and Dale Peck.

Neil Gaiman’s popular Sandman comic-book series series is being turned into a live-action TV series.