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The "Chicago Defender" goes online-only; A profile of Helen Phillips

Helen Phillips. Photo: Andy Vernon-Jones.

The Chicago Defender, the legendary African American newspaper, will cease its print publication after tomorrow’s edition. The paper will become online only, a move that Hiram E. Jackson, the CEO of the Defender’s parent company, said will “make us more nimble.” Ethan Michaeli, the author of The Defender: How the Legendary Black Newspaper Changed America (2016), gave a sense of the paper’s monumental importance, telling the Chicago Sun Times, “It was an essential force in American history for the whole of the 20th century.”

At Vulture, Hillary Kelly profiles Helen Phillips, author of The Need, a horror story about motherhood. As Phillips explains, “What is scary about the book is the idea that when you bring life into the world, something can happen to that life.”

The New York Times looks at how media coverage of global warming is changing.

In an op-ed in the New York Review of Books, four members of the reformist movement in Iran warn of the disastrous consequences of a US military strike: “There are people on both sides of the political and ideological divide between Iran and the US who are convinced that they will benefit from the business of war with Iran. They are wrong. This war will have only losers.”

The Times reports on Naomi Wolf’s damage-control strategy after an important error in her book Outrages was pointed out live on the BBC in May.